Connections to after Intego updates of NetBarrier and VirusBarrier

This is posted for peoples information as it may be of interest to someone, even if not many. I Just updated to Intego NetBarrier 10.9.12 and Virus Barrier 10.9.32, as well as to Intego Common Components 10.9.18 . And I noted the following new behaviour for Netbarrier, and for Virusbarrier the same connection to

On 25 Sep 2020, netbarrierd via smbutil tried to establish a connection to on UDP port 137 (netbios-ns). process: /Library/Intego/netbarrier.bundle/Contents/MacOS/netbarrierd owner: system destination:

On 25 Sep 2020, netbarrierd tried to establish a connection to on TCP port 443 (https). process: /Library/Intego/netbarrier.bundle/Contents/MacOS/netbarrierd owner: system destination: domain

On the intego support pages ( About Intego - How We Started & The Latest In Mac Security - Intego ) there is mention of Third party analytics, such as Mixpanel being used for cookies (for their webpages), but no mention so far of Mixpanel for other usage (that I could so far find).

Under Net Update -> Preferences there is a preference to tick “Help Improve Intego Products”. Whether this was ticked or not did not appear to make a difference for process connection attempts, nor apparently did not treating intego or system processes as anything special within Netbarrier.

Received prompt advice from a query to Intego support that “those changes are expected with the latest update for VirusBarrier. Mixpanel is a normal part of the software. It is safe to allow the connections.”

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