Connecting Macbook to TV via HDMI ---> crash

Anyone else having frequent crashes when their Macbook is connected via HDMI to a TV, to watch a file? I have a 2021 Macbook Pro running 14.2.1. Viewing mp4 files via either Quicktime or VLC via an HDMI cable to my Sony TV almost always causes the Macbook to crash. Precipitating event: any manipulation of the video stream once it’s started (checking running time; pausing etc.). Symptom: Picture freezes on TV, sound continues briefly; then computer freezes completely showing still frame from video. Not responsive at all. Only recovery is forced shutdown and restart. This happens about 80% of the time, but not every time I manipulate (pause, check running time) a running video. So it’s very frequent but not 100% reproducible.

I have a similar MacBookPro running Ventura, and had a crash for what I think is the first time yesterday. I generally use HDMI to watch streaming shows from a web browser on my big TV, though, which is not the exact situation you describe.