Comparing Apple’s Old and New Map Data

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Curious about how much work Apple is putting into improving the data underlying its Maps app? With Apple’s release of the Northeast US map data, Justin O’Beirne has posted a fascinating comparison of the old and new maps.

The old & new comparisons are useful. Evidently Apple is doing its bit in greening the planet! :slight_smile:

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So the Southeast hasn’t even been touched by Apple. Florida is the 3rd largest State in the country, soon to be #2, displacing New York, and maps still isn’t updated for the Sunshine State.

No thanks, Apple. I’m definitely a fan-boy about most things Apple, but for maps, I’ll keep using Google.

I saw their map cars driving around my neighborhood a few months ago. But they still show a weird roundabout route from my house to my station. Google maps shows the correct, direct route.

Here in Wales I can see ONLY regression in Maps. I enter a route but don’t commence it as I KNOW the main highway and don’t want the annoying voice (Miss-pronunciation and clipped road numbers, reported AD NAUSEUM!) Maps just drops the route!! When I start again it doesn’t recognise the post code or tighter address info that it’s used BEFORE!!! Pathetic!!!