Comparing Apple’s Old and New Map Data

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Curious about how much work Apple is putting into improving the data underlying its Maps app? With Apple’s release of the Northeast US map data, Justin O’Beirne has posted a fascinating comparison of the old and new maps.

The old & new comparisons are useful. Evidently Apple is doing its bit in greening the planet! :slight_smile:

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So the Southeast hasn’t even been touched by Apple. Florida is the 3rd largest State in the country, soon to be #2, displacing New York, and maps still isn’t updated for the Sunshine State.

No thanks, Apple. I’m definitely a fan-boy about most things Apple, but for maps, I’ll keep using Google.

I saw their map cars driving around my neighborhood a few months ago. But they still show a weird roundabout route from my house to my station. Google maps shows the correct, direct route.

Here in Wales I can see ONLY regression in Maps. I enter a route but don’t commence it as I KNOW the main highway and don’t want the annoying voice (Miss-pronunciation and clipped road numbers, reported AD NAUSEUM!) Maps just drops the route!! When I start again it doesn’t recognise the post code or tighter address info that it’s used BEFORE!!! Pathetic!!!

Apple has now expanded Maps with data on the Midwest and West, and Justin O’Beirne has another post showing the changes.

FWIW, I saw an Apple map car driving through a shopping center in Newport Beach, California on Nov. 16. Perhaps they are updating images.