CNN Investigation Finds AmazonBasics Products Dangerous

Originally published at: CNN Investigation Finds AmazonBasics Products Dangerous - TidBITS

CNN has discovered many alarming reports about AmazonBasics electronics catching fire, burning users, and sometimes even exploding.


Like you, I’m now a bit leery of my AmazonBasics paper shredder. Maybe I won’t take it on my move. :woozy_face: :thinking:

I’m still madly i love with my Amazon Basics shredder, but truth be told I always unplug it when I’m not using it. My love doesn’t go that far when it comes to cheap electronics. :wink:

First I’ve heard of this, but then I don’t watch CNN, just NBC & CBS. However, both of them have been concentrating on the wildfires burning here in California and those in Oregon & Washington so it doesn’t surprise me. Berry Creek, California is (was?) 15 miles as the crow flies from where I’m “smoking more but enjoying it less”.

I’ve only used their HDMI cables, standard audio cables (and a couple of their USB-A cables in the past). No problems to report with any of them in my own experience.