Clipboard dumping utility

I use Alfred as a clipboard manager, and set up my wife with CopyClip. One thing that is unavailable in either is to have the option of saving anything copied to the clipboard as a text file somewhere. I sometimes come across a great quote and want to save it, and just selecting it and copying would be a neat way of adding it to some monolithic file of saved text. I did see a utility on GitHub for this, but it is Windows only.
I guess an Applescript might do the same - select text, invoke script that copies and pastes into a certain file. Has anyone written such a beast?

I have used a folder in Notes. I just highlight the text, choose Share, and share it to Notes and move it into my Quotes folder.

“If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.”

Abraham Lincoln

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What about selecting the text and dragging to the Desktop (or a folder) to create a TextClipping file?

Ray: if I select text in Firefox I have no ‘Share’ option. It exists in Safari, but I don’t see myself suffering Safari unless Apple makes it customizable again.

Jeffrey: I can certainly do that. Unfortunately I cannot then drag the clipping onto an icon of a document in the Dock and have it opened and entered.

I know, it’s trivial to copy, open a document, paste then save, then close. I’m trying to make one or two clicks do the work of five, and that’s what utilities are for!

But I can put a folder into the Dock and drag a clipping to it, wait for the folder to open in the Finder, then drop it in and close the folder’s window. I cannot drag and drop a clipping onto the Dock item and have it inserted. But this is still probably the easiest way to do it.

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You can drag a TextClipping into an open document. You can’t paste into an icon either, can you? A TextClipping can be dropped any place drag and drop text is possible.

Maybe Pastebot is what you are looking for? 3. The Clipboard - Pastebot for Mac Help

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That does look interesting.