Click dock icon to hide app?

I’m just curious if anybody might have seen some kind of hack to get a click on the dock icon of the foreground app to hide the app?

If you hold option then click anything other than the frontmost app… it will hide the frontmost app and switch you to whatever you clicked on.

Or do command-H, which will also hide the frontmost app.




Thanks, I’m familiar with that.

The workflow I’m thinking about is like this. I have various apps hidden in the background but from time to time I want to very briefly scan their output and then immediately hide them again. In practice what I find myself doing is hitting the dock icon for the app and then cmd-h. I realized it would be much simpler (and require less hand movement, I mouse with the right hand) if I could just click once more on the dock icon to re-hide the app.

I just thought somebody might know an app that allows mod’ing the dock to work this way.

I expect you know, but you can control-click or right-click on an app’s icon (even the front app’s icon) and get a contextual menu that includes Hide. In your situation, you could click on the app’s icon to bring it to the front, then right-click on the same icon and choose Hide.

And if you hold option and then click on the front app’s icon (which would require a hand on the option key and a hand on the mouse), the app hides immediately. You don’t need to click on another app’s icon. (I just learned this. It took me by surprise.)

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There we go. Thank you. :slight_smile: :+1:

Thank you! I did not know this one either :wink: