Clearing app sign-in information when reinstalling apps

How do I make Meta’s Messenger, Paramount+, and other iOS apps forget my log in information after signing out, uninstalling, and reinstalling them?

They seem to remember my sign in information. I already have iCloud backup disabled, Keychain disabled, and cleared Safari’s history and caches. What else am I missing? This is in an iPhone 12 mini’s iOS v17.4.1.

Thank you for reading and hopefully answering soon. :)

Can you explain what you’re trying to achieve? In theory, when you delete an app, iOS should delete all the app’s data too, but credentials could be stored elsewhere. I can’t see any significant security or privacy issues here, given that an attacker would need full control over your iPhone to reinstall a deleted app.

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I am trying to clear my old log in data after uninstalling apps with their datas. However, reinstalled apps still remember my previous logins like my usernames.

I believe those credentials are stored in the local keychain, not the iCloud Keychain. So I would think that factory reset and set up from scratch might the the only way to do this, since there are not tools on iOS that allow editing of the local keychain (like keychain access on macOS.)

Saying that, maybe an unencrypted backup to iTunes / Finder, factory reset, and restore would work, as I think unencrypted backups store no keychain information. (But there are other effects: setting up mail accounts again, logging back in to all apps I think, etc.)

I’m sure this is iOS and the app developers trying to helpful and make it easier to reconnect after an app uninstall / reinstall. I’d say that it’s unfortunate that we have no control over this.


But why? What are you trying to achieve, assuming that you’re going to reinstall the apps and log in again? Either you’re logging in with the same account, at which point it seems helpful that iOS has remembered the credentials, or you want to log in with a new account, at which point you can just sign out of the old account and in with the new. I’m just not understanding what the concern is here.