CleanMyMac X 4.6.11

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Enables detection and removal of adware threats that install their home pages in Safari. ($89.95 new, free update, 58.3 MB)

Just upgraded my iMac 21.5 inch (2017) to an SSD … when I went to pick it up from the shop, the tech advised me to remove Clean My Mac because it was ‘dodgy’. I asked him what that meant and the reply was a bit vague…‘dodgy outfit…people had their data stolen…’ kind of thing. I did my best due diligence before forking out, and haven’t found anything on the interwebs about this, so I wondered if anyone has any idea what this might be about. I haven’t had any trouble so far - that I know of.

I asked about CleanMyMac here a few weeks ago in response to one fo the TidBits articles. And the author, probably Agen Schmitz, said they had been running this for years, and did not consider it dodgy. It had some very useful functions. CleanMyMac is even an advertiser here. So while there are dodgy Mac cleaning products this was not one of them was my take away.

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I’ve read some of the reports of problems and the occasional bad review, but I’ve been using CMM since it was a pup and never had the impression it caused any kind of problem. The updates and upgrades seem to have made it better and even more useful over time. I believe the malware detection is probably good, too, although nothing has been detected yet.

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CleanMyMac X is from MacPaw, which is an entirely legitimate Ukrainian company. They’ve sponsored TidBITS in the past, and I’ve spent time with both the company CEO and their marketing director at the last JNUC conference. Nice folks.

CleanMyMac tends to get tarred with the MacKeeper brush because it does somewhat similar things and is developed by a Ukrainian company. I haven’t paid attention to the latest in the corporate soap opera that surrounds MacKeeper, but I recommend avoiding it on principle at this point.


I indeed use it on multiple Macs in my home and find it very handy — warning me when my hard drive is getting overstuffed, tamping down RAM usage, etc.

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