ClamXav vs Malwarebytes vs other anti adware

(gastropod) #1

One of my users has been using clamxav for years, and is now being asked to upgrade to the new version which is now a subscription model like other anti-malware things.

I’m inclined to have him switch to one of the others that scans for more things since the security climate has changed over the last few years. Sophos is free and the officially sanctioned choice, but at least as configured by the university, takes up a lot of resources (and the config can’t be changed by mere mortals). In principle I like Malwarebytes, but some of features are windows only with Mac having the same price. I haven’t found any reviews I trust that cover the newer always-on version.

This user probably needs something, since in addition to the usual phish emails which are getting harder to spot these days, he collaborates with PC users via Office, has been fooled once by a browser javascript tech support scam, and has ended up with adware once or twice, too. I’ve told him to get 1Blocker for Safari, which he’ll probably eventually do, and that should take care of many of the browser based attacks, but not stuff that comes in via email.


(Al Varnell) #2

I’m curious as to what you consider to be “more things?” ClamXAV v3 is currently configured to scan for all known types of macOS malware, especially that which most commonly threatens Mac users today. As of this moment, there are over 1.18 million macOS unique signatures used. Checking for Windows and other platform malware has been disabled, for now.

I should also point out that current paid users of ClamXAV v2 can either continue to use it or upgrade to v3 for up to a year, depending on when they purchased it, and are given a 50% reduction in annual subscription costs after the free period. So there should not be any rush to find something new.

With that said, I do suggest you and he take a look at Malwarebytes for Mac and DetectX. The former is still in the process of rolling out new premium features, so expect it to have external disk and a Safari extension soon.

I do have the old Sophos Home Edition installed, but only allow it to keep definitions and the app up-to-date and use it for testing. I’ve had it go crazy a couple to times over the years which requited total uninstall/reinstall to recover and it does take longer to update than any other AV I’ve ever had.