ChronoSync 4.9 and ChronoAgent 1.9

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Optimizes support for APFS-formatted drives for faster file scanning and copying. ($49.99 new for ChronoSync, $14.99 new for ChronoAgent; free updates; 66.7 MB, 25.4 MB)

One feature ChronoSync has that many people don’t know about and is extremely useful, is its ability to backup based on a volume or folder having any changes. I’m not aware of any other backup software that can watch an entire volume or a specific folder and start the backup process based on that alone.

For me as a filmmaker, whenever Premiere Pro performs an autosave or when I manually save, ChronoSync will immediately backup the project file and then notify me. I have one drive that’s a complete backup of the primary edit volume (so anything at all added or deleted gets updated) and also a second schedule that backs up just the project files folder to a Dropbox folder so that the most-recent project file is available across my systems.

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That is a very cool feature, and something people should be aware of.

I use ChonoSync and didn’t know about that. I have unfortunately never been able to get a clone to work from it, I should really dig into that issue.

Thanks for the info!


These programs used to work for me before the upgraded to Mojave. Since then I’ve been unable to get ChronoAgent to work, leading me to uninstall both from my computers.

Perhaps I will try to reinstall from scratch after the next Mohave upgrade.

Make sure to update ChronoSync and ChronoAgent to the latest versions. Both versions include an assistant that allows CS & CA to gain access to your files. Without that access those files can not be copied.

Not only did Apple add Dark Mode and change the filesystem used under macOS Mojave, they have decided to really crack down on Security & Privacy, too. Application programs no longer have unfettered access to sensitive data unless you, the user, grant such access. This is a really good thing except for backup apps like ChronoSync. CS4.9 contains a Full Disk Access Assistant that automatically detects whether you need to grant elevated privileges to ChronoSync and will step you through the process granting such permissions.

Contact us directly if you have further issues.

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