Chipolo Card Spot Puts Find My in Your Wallet

Originally published at: Chipolo Card Spot Puts Find My in Your Wallet - TidBITS

What’s in your wallet? The credit card-sized Chipolo Card Spot location tracker puts Apple’s powerful Find My network in your wallet to make it easier to find if lost.

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Josh, is the Chipolo card about the size of a credit card, or a little thicker?

I agree it is a pity with such a short life. Since it’s as thick as three cards, what kind of replaceable battery exists that they could have used?

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Other than compatibility with Find My, isn’t this pretty much the same as Tile’s “slim” product, which has been available for, what, five years now?

Well I got one and returned it immediately. They did refund my money. One is basically renting it from them. Why would I want to pay yet another subscription for something like this. And what if the company goes belly up. Then I have nothing and yet another electronic device in the trash. I consider it a scam.
I had the original Tile and sent it back also. In the contributions page when they wanted funding it said nothing about the battery not replaceable. Now, they have replaceable batteries in some of their tiles.
Also if you read the fine print the Chipolo has it’s limitations on the ability to find the wallet- as Apple dictates their “fine- (or precise) finding” standards. Air Tags do exact or precise finding with a certain models of iPhones. It mentions this in the MacWorld review.

That’s a pretty big difference!