Changed site name to "TidBITS Talk"

Several people noted that the email Subject lines from Discourse were slightly confusing since they started with [TidBITS] when what was expected was [TidBITS Talk]—it was the difference between TidBITS articles or issues, and comments or discussions. Even though there are conversations here that aren’t explicitly in the TidBITS Talk category (in the Article Comments and the Site Feedback categories), I think it’s more sensible to use the general TidBITS Talk name overall, so I’ve changed it.


Thanks for the update. Don’t know if this would be difficult to do, but maybe you could update the TidBITS logo that appears at the page top to say “TidBITS Talk” too. That would be consistent with “site name” and URL: All this would present consistent “branding” of the TidBITS Talk.

Just a thought.

That’s a good idea, but may require a trip to the designer. I’ll add it to the list…

I’ve update the logo now to make it TidBITS Talk-specific. I’m not sure I love it, but it’s in line with what the designer did for adding words to the main logo (for TidBITS Publishing, TidBITS Content Network, and so on). We’ll live with it for a bit and see how it feels.

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I hear what your saying Adam. Not the prettiest but I think it makes it clearer where you are.

Don’t know if anyone else will care, but it makes sense to me. :blush:

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