Change to Dropbox app, removing option to retain files locally

I encountered a problem with Dropbox 3 days ago, and I’m wondering if anyone else has run into it also. I didn’t notice it at first, but the first instance of a problem was when I opened Firefox after starting up my 2021 MPB. My saved tabs didn’t appear in Firefox, which seemed odd, but didn’t trigger my spidey sense. Later, I started up the Music app, but it couldn’t find the music in my library. I checked the finder and found that many of my folders had clouds next to them, which is Dropbox’s way of indicating that the file or folder is in the cloud. This isn’t the way that I’ve used Dropbox, but when I checked the Dropbox Preferences, the Sync preference window had changed, removing the option to keep files local. I paid to have a 4TB drive installed in the MBP explicitly to keep all of my data local and use the cloud for backup. I’ve done things this way for a few years, going back to my older MacPro. Previously, in the Sync Preference window, there was a section where I could indicate that I wanted to default files to local location. Here’s what the Sync Preference window now looks like, and as you can see there’s no longer a section to indicate the local preference.

Does anyone else have this in their Sync Preferences? I contacted Dropbox support via chat, but they couldn’t provide a fix so he said he’d get back to me by email, although I’m still waiting.

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