CES 2021: 4K Picture Frames, Another iPad Dock, Talking Dog Collars, and Lots of Smart Glasses

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Jeff Porten closes his CES 2021 coverage with a first-ever deep dive into the annual Innovation Awards given out by the Consumer Technology Association. The range is impressive, but which of these products would you actually use?

Note the date this article by Jeff Porten was written. I immediately ordered one of the Maskfones mentioned in his article, along with an extra set of filters that very week. You might be wanting to know how it is and how I like using the mask with the built-in Bluetooth earbuds. Well, I’d love to tell you, but the original package sent to me was at first delayed by the USPS and then, apparently, lost in the mail for good. The last date the package tracking lists “arriving late” on the USPS website is February 27. And now it is April.

Many emails went back and forth from me to Maskfone Customer Service. At first they were not going to do anything to assist me, telling me that I should contact USPS myself to find out more about the delay. Of course, that was a fruitless effort, given the current state of the Post Office. Waited more time for a reply back from Maskfone until I was finally told at the end of last week that they have sent a replacement shipment to me (again, through USPS) and that I should have it shortly. We’ll see. Hopefully, I will be able to report back soon on how I like/don’t like the unit!

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Unfortunately I have limited press contacts from this CES, but if you want to send me your contact information I’ll follow up with whatever PR firm I can find that handles them. Press inquiries sometimes get more attention than disgruntled customers. I’m tidbits at jeffporten dot com.


Thank you, Jeff, for whatever you did in regard to getting my MaskFone sent. I finally received it this week. I have to say, the mask itself is well made, but I didn’t expect the attached but hanging earbuds (which are totally removable) to add so much bulk and weight to the unit. Their sound is ok, nothing great but not bad, either. I’d still rather be listening to my AirPods Pro. Also, there is not much leeway in the ear straps to make them larger if you needed to. Fortunately, I have the opposite need, to make them more snug around my ears. I honestly can’t say I would overall recommend this device; I think there somehow has to be a way to make the earbuds more integrated into the mask. I have only used it a few days and these are just my first impressions.

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