CES 2020: PEPCOM Digital Experience Has Robot Suitcases, Wireless Fall Detectors, and a Lot of Earbuds

Originally published at: https://tidbits.com/2020/01/27/ces-2020-pepcom-digital-experience-has-robot-suitcases-wireless-fall-detectors-and-a-lot-of-earbuds/

Jeff Porten checks in from another train with the items he saw at PEPCOM’s Digital Experience at CES, including chargers and robots, but so far no charging robots.

Two (extremely obvious) questions:

  1. Any chance there will be a comparison review between the 1More ANC earbuds and Apple’s AirPods Pro?
  2. Regarding the Aukey Gallium Nitride Universal Chargers, will the FAA allow the 100 W version on commercial airplanes? Will they ship with cables (dreaming here, but perhaps actual Thunderbolt 3/USBc certified cables)?

Don’t have definitive answers to either. I’ve put in a request to review the 1MOREs, but I don’t own AirPods Pro so any comparison testing would have to be brief and in-store.

I think the 100 watt-hour limit applies to batteries? I would guess that the odds of a cable included is directly proportional to the included price—and there’s not much reason to make it a Thunderbolt cable as even a USB 2.0 cable with the right tips is fine for power.