Certain Emojis Replacing Text in High Sierra

(Gordon Moynes) #1

This on an iMac running up-to-date High Sierra with no third-party tweaks I am aware of.

Recently I experienced the “No Wi-Fi Hardware Installed.” Subsequent to trying steps meant to confirm if the hardware was bad and then restore Wi-Fi functionality I decided to boot into Recovery and reinstall mac os.

So far, so good. I had a few updates after that and some minor settings that required updating. That is until I realized that now, in all Applications I have tried so far, when typing certain words with a capital letter at the beginning the text is replaced by the corresponding emoji. For instance if I type the word “lock” with a capital L it will immediately be replaced by the lock emoji.

So, slowly driving me crazy because I am now at a loss as to why this began occurring and more importantly, how to make it stop. It even does it if I create a new rule in Apple Mail. This behaviour does not occur on my iPhone even though Handoff is in play.

I tried the supposed toggle under Applications that have Substitutions in a Menu here:

Application (X) -> Edit -> Substitutions -> Text Replacement

which, in some Applications includes an Emoji toggle.

So, this seems to be system-wide from what I have come across so far.

Anyone seen this before and know of how to stop it?