Center Cam Solves Webcam Eye Contact Problem

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Center Cam puts a tiny webcam on a thin gooseneck stalk such that you can position it right over another person’s video window, ensuring that watching them makes it seem that you’re looking them in the eye. If only it weren’t so sensitive to light.


This is why Zoom’s ability to move speaker tiles around is so effective. I usually move a speaker’s tile top and center.


Very interesting post. Thanks @ace

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Perhaps webcam might help. It works with many external UVC compatible cameras and has several parameter adjustments.

That’s this? It seems like it would do the same things as iGlasses.

Yes, that’s this. I bought webcam Settings because the field of view Logitech, and later, Anker camera was simply too wide for my Zoom usage. My green screen is simply a 3 yard square of fabric hung opposite my desk. I can’t put the screen closer and still move around my office and default webcams see more than ten feet wide at six feet distance. webcam Settings can zoom in closer than even possible with AnkerWorks, preventing seeing beyond the green screen edges.

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I have been very happy with an alternative product, the Plexicam. It’s essentially a transparent webcam mount that you can use with any webcam. It hooks onto the top of your screen/monitor, is simple to add or remove, and is easy to adjust.

I have no connection with Plexicam, I’m just a satisfied customer.

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I had lust for Center Cam but not the cash. So I taped my $9 webcam to a plexiglass stalk. Then I position my Zoom image under it. My lust is gone but not my cash. I expect lots of lower priced competitors to flood the market soon.

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Be nice to combine the smarts of Lumina Studio Camera with the svelteness of Center Cam

Well, that’s clever! I especially like the fact that it could easily be used with an iPhone for Continuity Camera.

The only problem is that at $75 (or $95 with the phone mounting kit), the Plexicam Pro is more expensive than most webcams.

And that got me thinking that it might be possible to attach something like the Lumina Studio Camera to a gooseneck with a tripod mount. It might attach your screen instead of above it, but as long as it puts the camera at the right height, it would solve the eye contact problem.

My low tech, low cost approach is to sit about three feet from the screen on which the webcam is mounted. My webcam microphone still picks up my voice well enough.

@ace, I agree the Plexicam seems expensive for what it is (though the company routinely offers discount coupons for 10% or more, that are easy to find online). I thought I’d mention it because many folks already own a separate webcam and this is the best flexible solution to mounting it I’ve seen to date. I like that if I need to replace or upgrade my webcam in the future I can reuse the Plexicam for the new unit.

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Another on screen camera option is the iContact Camera. It’s similar quality, but more compact. Instead of moving the camera up and down you just move the video windows.