Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Take Control Books

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Time flies when you’re doing good work. After Joe Kissell took over Take Control Books from TidBITS Publishing in 2017, the ebook imprint has continued to thrive and is now marking its 20th anniversary with a free ebook, a big sale, and some thoughts about the impact it has on the Apple ecosystem.


Congratulations to Joe and your team for an excellent series of e-books over many years.


It’s been said before, but it bears repeating. You folks have built trust in what you do. There are relatively few places on the internet where I feel I can go and have no concerns about the trustworthiness of what I find there. TidBITS and Take Control are always on that list. Thank you!


So much good and useful information over so many years. (And you’ve likely saved many from coronary episodes prompted by beating on their keyboards.) Thank you!


I just picked up 4 books (3 at the sale price + the free T-Day Dinner), and checking back, I see I bought my very first book on 28 Oct 03: “Take Control of Upgrading to Panther”. I still have ALL of the books I’ve bought and have spent an average of just over $75 per year on them.


Picked up a few, cheers guys!


Have a ton of Take Control Books and they are excellent and really helpful. Love the regular updates and the reasonable prices. Highly recommend them to family and friends who have questions on their apps or anything about their computer/device security and backup. Also the authors are highly qualified for the focus of their books.

Congratulations on an excellent service and 20 years of helping people enjoy their devices and applications!


Purchased a few more today. Thanks for the post!


Congratulations to Joe and team! I appreciate the sale and have purchased a few titles - now I need to make time to read them. No matter how well I think I know a topic, I always managed to learn something new from the books - and they are good resources that potentially saved many hours of trawling through the Web for solutions.

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I have trusted Tidbits and then Take Control books since the 90’s. At first, it was to survive as Mac person surrounded by, you know, those other people. They saved me from switching, which was important. But they are even more important now. As one of the several million people with cognitive deficits from long Covid, I forget simple procedures I’ve known for years…like the key combo for screen shots. It can be any procedure, and I can forget it several times a day.

Take Control books are focused, organized, written, and updated so that finding the correct practical info is much faster than any competitor I’ve tried….even Google.

Many thanks for helping me adapt.