Catalina and copying files from an old Mac

Someone I know bought a new Mac; of course it came with Catalina. This person has many files on an external volume (I assume spinning but I don’t know) that will not copy to the new Mac. Does a Catalina Mac require external drives to be formatted APFS? Could this be related to renaming the internal drive in the Finder, like @Shamino mentioned causing cloning problems in another thread? Any other ideas? Thanks for any help.

Catalina does not require external disks to be APFS in order to copy from them. I have several older HFS+ external drives that work just fine on Catalina.

What does “that will not copy to the new Mac” mean exactly? Is there any specific error code? Will the files copy to another (non-Catalina) Mac? Perhaps it’s the drive rather than the Mac? The disk name change is most likely unrelated, but just to cover all bases try reverting. Just rename the volume shown in Finder to “Macintosh HD” and try it again.

Thanks, @Simon, for the information on Catalina and APFS. I did look for that before I posted, but to no avail. That might be a commentary on my ability to search, but you told me what I failed to find on my own.

I’ve told all I know. I’m troubleshooting half-heartedly from 400 miles away with a not-fully-engaged user, but I thought that if there was some easy potential solution, I would pass it along. I don’t know if the internal volume had been renamed; I was just grasping at straws. If I learn more, I’ll mention it.