Cardhop 2.0 Bundled with Fantastical in Flexibits Premium

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Flexibits, developer of the Fantastical calendaring app and Cardhop contacts app, has released Cardhop 2.0, with core features available for free and new and advanced features as part of the Flexibits Premium subscription that includes Fantastical.

I stopped using Cardhop because the on the desktop it was very difficult finding a contact.Typing i series of letters tried to create a new contact regardless of what might be in your contact list. in iOs the default was “no contact” or something to that effect until you pressed search. Now you type a couple of letters and contacts that meet the criteria appear.
I would still like the contacts list disappear when you go to another application.
When I launched the app, the upgrade to version 2 was there. I upgraded and inmediately the upgrade to version 2.0,1 was available. I guess no combo

Hmm, that’s definitely not how it’s supposed to work or how it does for me. I type a few characters and matching contacts are shown with the preferred one expanded with full detail. Cardhop only offers to create a new contact once what I’ve typed is unique. That could require a fair amount of typing if, for instance, I wanted to create a contact for “Adam Engstrom,” I’d have to type “Adam Engstr” before Cardhop would stop matching my name.

In iOS, the slight difference is that there’s always a link under the text entry field for “Create a new contact” with what you’ve typed.

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The new versions are a whole different story. They work Apple like, intuitively

Finally, cardhop is coming to speed on Mac. I have waited more than three years for the manager link in the contacts to work properly under the Office 365 Business Directory. Still I don’t like the navigation inside the app and there are still too many bugs.

How would this setup fit in Cardhop:
2 persons, each with their own Apple ID and personal contacts, some of them are family members.
1 of these persons has a second Apple ID for business contacts.
Optimal situation: personal contacts are shared/accessible for both, business contacts are only visible for the person with the business (not so much for privacy issues but mostly because of the number of contacts involved)
iCloud sharing helps, but on iOS devices it is invisible in which account a contact resides. This is sometimes confusing.
Any suggestions would be appreciated

I have used Fantastical since it was born, and Cardhop since it was born. Fantastical remains extremely useful. Cardhop is “ok,” primarily for the reason Adam cites: I’m not a “contacts-first” person, but an “action-first” person.
While the bundle makes good sense, the features of Fantastical have grown sprawling. Not everyone is on five different collaboration systems or requires large-group rvents and invitations. For those of us who don’t have those kinds of corporate requirements, $40/year is a lot to pay for basic calendar features. I’d happily buy a “non-premium” annual subscription for, say, $20, stripped of the “collaboration” stuff but replete with Fantastical’s other “appearance,” “weather,” (etc) features.
Without needing the excessive collaboration features, the price is just too high. (And the “free” version just never grows.)

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I purchased Cardhop via the App Store on March 31. I got it mainly for the Finder Menu Bar access feature. I used Fantastical years ago but eventually moved to BusyCal before Fantastical was available for Mac OS, etc.

Now that Cardhop is part of a subscription bundle, I am wondering how long Cardhop support re Mac OS updates will last. . . I’m already resigned to no new features going forward. This kinda seems like a typical “Bait and Switch” deal at this point.