Carbon Copy Cloner 7.0

Originally published at: Carbon Copy Cloner 7.0 - TidBITS

Major new release for the drive cloning and backup utility loaded with new features and enhancements. ($49.99 new, $24.99 upgrade, free update, 23.6 MB, macOS 13+)


Aargh I bought CCC 6 just before the free upgrade deadline. Oh well, the $25 upgrade isn’t too bad, it’s a great product.

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Thanks, Agen

Shortly after saw the TidBits email, I opened CCC and performed an update. Strangely, it was to a later version of CCC 6 and there was no mention of version 7 (?). Anyway, I went to their site and got it. Wouldn’t have known otherwise, well at least for a while :grinning:

I just checked for the latest version and CCC said 6.1.11 is still the newest version available to me.

As the update is a paid one (with discounts depending on how long you’ve owned 6), maybe they don’t have it show up in the in-app update. Also, they upped the minimum macOS requirement, so that could be another reason.

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Showed up for me running 6.latest on up to date Sonoma M1 MBP.

“Update” is a change in version 6.x, usually free

“Upgrade” is a new version, 7.x, usually paid

And I know tha5 of course…but was responding to the poster who said it wasn’t offered. Running latest 6 version I was offered the 7 version and notified it was a paid update.

There was a post about not getting notified…thats what 8 was referring to.

Sorry, posted before I woke up.

I was coincidentally in touch with the developer for tech support, and he stated that they are trying to release v7 slowly, so existing users haven’t been formally notified, but will be this coming week.

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