Can't set a card in Wallet to Express Payment

Apologies for hijacking the thread but does anyone know of a reason why no card in Wallet can be set to Express Payment? All Google suggests is delete and re-add the card but that hasn’t worked

Dave W.

Check each card’s physical address is set (shows a tick next to it), then it may work.

My cards sometimes screw this up as my (same) physical address appears more than once in the address list menu in Apple Wallet.

…or it might not be available in your area or something. Dunno?

EDIT: Maybe phone Apple to ask.

As it happened, the address for one card was incorrect, so that in itself was a good catch, but correcting it did not fix the problem.

More background then. My partner and I both have iPhone 13 Minis. We both have Visas and Mastercards in Apple Wallet. There is one business account where we both have a card from that account. My partner is the owner of that account; I am secondary. We also both have Suica, from Japan, installed.

I can make any card an Express Transit card, including the business account one. My partner cannot, apart from Suica, which works as it should. Whenever she selects a card for Express Transit she gets a message to the effect of ‘system currently unavailable, try again later.’

This has persisted across multiple restarts and even the migration from an older phone. I have compared her settings to mine looking for an even vaguely relevant difference yet have found nothing that matters.

This is not normally that much of an issue as at home, NZ, there is no express transit per se. Right now though we’re in New York, and it does irritate her to have to unlock her phone while the rest of us just blithely walk through. And it irritates me to not have found a solution :roll_eyes:

Dave W.