Can't find a movie synced to the iPad

(Hector I Macedo) #1

I synched the iPad with my iMac, and downloaded a movie to it. (I can see it when I open the iPad with PhoneView) but I can’t find it on the iPad, I don’t know where is it supposed to be.
Any ideas?

(Mark Williamson) #2

It is not in the “Movies” tab of the “TV” app?

Mark W from my iPhone

(Ray Kloss) #3

Look on the TV app. Choose the Library, then on the top left menu (it defaults to Library), select Downloaded

(Dave Scocca) #4

Hector —

Did you look in the “TV” app?

Dave Scocca

(Hector I Macedo) #5

Aha!! mistery solved, I never noticed the blue arrow. I flew both ways the Atlantic Sea and could not find them.