Can't access website with MacBook Pro but can with iPhone

There are a number of websites, mostly military which I can access fine with my iPhone but get a “The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator” when I try accessing with my MBP - and any of 4 browsers. What might be causing that? Safari works on the iPhone but not on MBP for access. The site loads but then after about 2 seconds goes to the “rejected” message. Also, when I go to a particular guest wifi at Walter Reed, I can use it with iPhone but can’t sign in with MBP (the use certificate doesn’t come up - nothing will load). Any thoughts? VPN? Settings? I’m mystified. David

Do you happen to have a certificate (“profile”) on your iPhone? Or on your Mac?

Mac: Sys Prefs > Profiles
iOS: Settings > General > Profiles

These can be used to affect which networks a device can connect to and that can obviously limit availability.

On MBP I have something called an “iMovie_27_Sep” that expires 9/22/38. iPhone has some Xfinity ones that I don’t understand.

I used to be able to access the one site I tried tonight but can’t anymore. I’m thinking its some setting I’ve put in the browser or MBP that causes them all the same problem.


This Apple web page has some things to try:

Thank you - will check it out. It is clearly something on my mac that affects all browsers. My wife’s MBP - same as mine and both set up by me - is able to access the websites. It may be a certificate problem as the certificate used by her on the https site is different than mine. Mine is an adguard certificate. I think I need to look at how to use or access certificates - this is an area I’m really weak in.


I hit this.

For me it was a DNS server system I was using (to avoid my ISPs slow default) and somehow the “protective features” of their system bothered Safari but not Chrome (at least initially).

The system was “NextDNS” – but I imagine any of the available systems could do this depending on the settings and Safari’s interpretation of them.

I have switched to Cloudfare DNS and have had no problems since.

I confess the problem took some time to unravel
– DNS servers were NOT mentioned in the Apple Support document at the time
– don’t know about today.

Hope this helps you.


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Thank you.
Learned something here.
My problem though was that I was using AdGuard VPN and when connected, kept me from going to a few specific websites. Once I disconnected the VPN, I was able to go to those few websites.

I got some help through Apple Support - escalated.


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