Can you set up an iPhone without a passcode?

Hello: I know this is a basic question but I couldn’t find info on search. Can you setup an iphone without a passcode? I have an friend who swears they never had a passcode. Their daughter gave her the phone. Thank you

Maybe! :slight_smile:
I have done it in the past, with an iPhone 6Plus+ with TouchID (and not Face Recognition). Apple tries very hard to force you to have a passcode, but it is (was?) possible to ignore this suggestion. You cannot use Apple Pay, for instance.

Not sure what happens with current phones.

It looks like you can. In the settings, there’s one for “Turn off passcode”.

I believe the turn off passcode is after the fact. Not initially when setting up. Thank you regardless. I appreciate your input

Pretty sure you can still do that, though the option is tiny text way at the bottom and sort of hidden. And when you opt to not choose a passcode, Apple makes you confirm that choice several times. Are you sure? Are you really sure?

I thought maybe… because you can choose NOT to have password on the mac. Thank you.

I doubt if it was originally set up without a passcode but it might have been disabled for waking purposes.

Assuming it does have a passcode for admin purposes there are some tips from Apple here:

There are various websites offering free advice but I would be cautious about trying them.

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