Can you change order of Reading List items?

I cannot in my Monterey Safari Reading List items sidebar figure out how to change the order of the RL items. I can’t see any options in iOS Safari’s RL either.

Never really used RL much in the past, but since iCloud Safari tab sharing broke (despite updating to latest Monterey and latest 15.4.1), I resorted to using RL to accomplish the same thing.

So nothing, huh? Bummer.

I’ve not used reading list all that much myself. I accomplish the same thing you are trying to do by sharing links to Notes. Note sync between all of my devices is rock-solid.

Notes are sorted by date, but it’s easy to move a note to the top of the list merely by editing something in it - that drives it to the top of the list. Or of course you can share all of the things you want to read later to a particular note, and then drag and drop the items within the note to re-order them.

Putting links in Notes (or elsewhere) is not the same as using Reading List. Reading List items can be saved for off-line reading. A useful application for Reading List is to save a number of articles if you will be off-line for a while — a long flight, for example.

I don’t think Reading List has a sort feature, but there is a trick you can use if you just have a few items, or just want to move one or two to the top of the list. Open the item you want to move, and re-add it to the list. It appears you can add an item even when it is already on the list. And since the last-added page is always first, this moves it to the top. (It does not make a duplicate entry.)

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Right, but @Simon wants to use it because sync of Safari tabs between devices isn’t working right for him (and it often does the same to me), so uses the Reading List for that purpose, as that does seem to sync for him between devices. (Unless Simon pipes up here and says that he’s also looking for off-line reading.)

No help here, sorry, @Simon.

On my iPad, Note sync often fails unless I quit Notes and restart it. Any ideas what makes your sync work?

This is a user preference (on both macOS and iOS), so it isn’t universally true.

Thank you! It’s a hack workaround, but it gets the job done. :+1:

I realize RL is geared towards offline reading and that’s indeed great. I’ve used it for that on flights.

In this case here, I’m really just trying to bastardize it as a replacement for something else that for some reason Apple decided to break. It’s a shame they seem to have lost interest. ADHD obviously still going strong there. Not long ago, iCloud syncing across devices was this huge emphasis at Apple and the key selling point was seamless integration across their “ecosystem”. Well I guess that balloon got inflated back then but is now left to slowly wither while they’ve become distracted with inflating their newest TV balloon. No worries, when that breaks I won’t have to care because I never bothered with any of their shows in the first place. :wink:

When an iCloud sync item (Tab Groups, Notes, etc), I find that totally quitting the App and restarting it often forces the device I’m reading on to fully sync.

So do I.

Except of course when I’m at Target and realize the last few items I jotted down on my list on my Mac at home didn’t get synced. No amount of iPhone Notes restarting will fix that. It’s the Mac’s Notes that needs restarting. So, here we go. Open SSH tunnel, fire up VNC, log onto home Mac, try to use the 5.4" display to restart Mac Notes. Awesome. :laughing:

This stuff should really just work. Of course, if it’s flakey like now, you could really make use of a force sync now button (like cmd-r in Calendar). Alas, Apple has to my knowledge never openly supplied us with such controls on iPhone and in fact on most Mac apps that sync through iCloud. Guess that would be an admission of sync service failure. Can’t have that. It’s a hack for sure. But either you fix your **** or you supply a hack. Doing nothing is not an acceptable option. At least not if you have any shame. :wink: