Can we get Touch ID on new iPhones?

I noticed that the new iPad Air has a Touch ID sensor underneath the power button.

So what are the odds that Apple will port this bit of tech to the iPhone platform? I personally would love it if Apple would start using this instead of Face ID for their all-screen iPhone designs.

I suppose I should go and send Apple some feedback to let them know what I think.


I like it too. Not so much as a replacement for Face ID, but as an alternative.

I highly doubt they’ll add it to iPhone 12 though. They like Face ID, it works, and adding an alternative means carving out the space required and adding cost. I fail to see what should strongly motivate Apple to do that when they already have Face ID.


If it will be in the 12, then it’s already been designed and implemented, since we’re expecting it to be announced really soon. If not, then it is far far too late for a change like this to be made. But I’m hoping my suggestion will be read and (if plenty of others are saying the same thing) maybe we’ll see it in the future.

I personally think we might see this in the rumored “SE Plus” phone, since the current SE is already a Touch ID device and the only current model to not have an edge-to-edge screen.