Can’t turn on iPad WiFi after updating to 12.3.1

After upgrading my iPad to the latest version of iOS, i cannot turn on WiFi. I go into the settings and the WiFi switch is greyed out. I’ve tried restarting, cold booting, resetting network settings, and even resetting everything.

Has anyone heard anything like this? Can I downgrad to say 12.2.1?

Much as I hate to say it, you’re in Apple support territory. Could be a coincidental hardware failure, even.

Are you certain that it’s “greyed out”? Mine has a grey appearance when it’s disabled, but touching it does enable it. If that doesn’t work, the I agree it’s time for Apple Support.

Since neither I nor any of dozens of other iPad users I know had such an issue with 12.1.3, I feel confident that downgrading to a previous iOS will not be useful and may not even be possible.

I thought that maybe Airplane Mode had been set, so I tested it on my iPad. The wi-fi switch looked the same whether Airplane Mode was on or off. That’s the end of my contribution to the OP’s problem. But I do have a digression…

Interestingly, I could turn wi-fi on even when Airplane Mode was on, and Safari loaded a web page with Airplane Mode on. (The web page was Wikipedia’s page on Airplane Mode, which said that wi-fi shouldn’t work with Airplane Mode on.)

Check the current iPad user guide (available in Books). Once in Airplane Mode, you may enable either WiFi or Bluetooth.
“For information about turning Wi-Fi on or off in Control Center while in airplane mode, see Choose iPad settings for travel.”

Excerpt From
iPad User Guide for iOS 12.3
Apple Inc.

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Thanks for that info and especially for the link, Mark.