Can’t get Siri to fire a shortcut

I have a few custom shortcuts I use with Siri. However, I’ve tried to create a new Siri shortcut, and the icon for associating a phrase to Siri to run the shortcut is missing.

I’m running iOS 13.1 beta, and I thought I read that this feature was removed in 13.0 Beta 4 was reinstalled in 13.1. However, I did not see it.

Anyone else running into this?

I finally got feedback on this issue. In iOS 13, it turns out that you no longer have to give Siri the phrase to run the shortcut. Siri automatically fires the shortcut based upon the name of the shortcut.

It’s actually a more intuitive way of integrating Siri with shortcuts. It just threw me off because the button to set the phrase is no longer there.