Can iOS Mail be configured to not auto-display next message?

(Simon) #1

If you’re viewing an email and select to move it to a folder or delete it, Mail will then proceed to display the next email in the list. I’d prefer it would dump me back in the folder where I had been before. Any way this can be configured?


(Will M) #2

Thank you, Simon, for asking! Please, someone explain how to do this. It drives me nuts!


(Doug Miller) #3

This is one of the several reasons why I use the Gmail app (and the Outlook app for my outlook and other email addresses) on my iPhone rather than the stock mail app. Unfortunately, I know of no way to turn this behavior off.


(Jim Chaffin) #4

Maybe because I only ask iOS to show the “Unread” Mailbox, but after reading one I simply touch the “Back” button that takes me back to any remaining emails. The key is to not delete an email and then go back, which I suspect is what you are doing. If you first go back, you will just go back to the Unread list. Don’t have more than one unread at the moment, so I can’t see how this works in other Mailboxes.


(Simon) #5

Well yeah, if you do not manipulate an email you just read (trash, move, etc.) then you can always go back. But moving or trashing that email then requires a second action

The original question was if Mail can be set up so you can do this in one single step and still end up back in the list. It appears the answer to that is no (at least in the current version).