Can I manually install 1Password 7 on new iOS?

I have 1Password 7.9.6 on my old iPhone 7 with iOS 15.8.6
This works ok, it can sync the entries from 1Password 7.9.4 via WiFi from my MB Pro on Ventura 13.6.3
I won’t upgrade to 1PW 8 for all the widely discussed reasons.

I now have migrated to a iPhone 13 on iOS 17.2.1
After migration 1Password 7 did not transfer, unsurprisingly it’s not available in the App Store.

Is there a way how to manually install it on my new iPhone? Can I move it somehow from iPhone 7 to iPhone 13?

Moving it directly probably won’t work…but I can report that v7 moved as expected from my iPhone XS Max to my 15 Pro Max when we upgraded. Looked on the App Store and all I see is v8. I would have been severely PO’ed of if I had been forced into v8.

Some interesting news on this: 1Password had actually moved over and it works. I didn’t see it because I relied on the iOS search function that does not find it on the old or new iPhone. The problem sat in front of the iPhone, arghh.

Bizarrely an update from v7.9.6 to v7.10.2 is still downloadable via update in the App Store. This means that the app in v7.x IS actually available on the App Store, but only via the update mechanism.

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1Password 7 shows up under the list of purchased apps on my iPhone. You can’t find it in the App Store with a search though.

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