Can I change the link colour in Apple's Notes

The NOTES app (BigSur) uses a yellow/orangey color for links. Is there any way I can change this, I find this colour difficult to read.

Change the Accent Color in the General settings in System Preferences. It means it’s going to affect all sorts places where accents are used, but you may find a color which works for you.

@tommy That’s what I thought at first. This setting is about the accent colour, it shows up in all sorts of places, menus etc. The default setting there is ‘multicolour’
The weird thing is that TextEdit shows links in blue, the Notes app has yellow-ish. I could not find what the definition of multicolour is. It could have something to do with the hardware based settings of the M1 iMacs, but this is a 2015 MBP on Big Sur.

I set it now to blue and the Notes app does now use blue, my problem is solved. I didn’t expect that accent colour was behind this.

A bit weird nonetheless.