Can camera on Studio Monitor be zoomed in?

I would like to use my camera on the Studio Monitor for work videos. The software they use just accesses the camera and has no settings to blur the background etc. but the image it is framing shows my very busy background of shelves and I would like it to zoom in a little and stay there. Is there some way to get more manual control over the camera?

After you start the work video app, check for a camera icon with a green background in the menu bar. That will allow you to use the limited video processing that Apple can do for video from the built-in Studio Display webcam. It includes CenterStage to zoom the camera to you, Portrait mode, which will blur the background, and Studio Light can brighten your image.

If you want manual control, install Camo Studio.

This software was initially developed to allow an iPhone to be used as a webcam (before Continuity Camera), but it can also be used. as a virtual camera using the built-in webcam as input. I don’t know if the free version includes Zoom capability, but the paid version includes all sorts of image manipulation (I have a lifetime license to the paid version).

I’ll look at the software. Our practice uses V-See for video, and it does not have many things to tweak.

Before investigating third-party software, are you sure you can’t use the built-in tool? Third-party software (even Camo) cannot directly access the webcam. So, the built-in tool should be accessible to you. In particular, CenterStage should zoom the computer so that your image is centered and emphasized in the view, and the Portrait setting should blur your background. That may be sufficient.

I didn’t even notice the menu bar camera icon. That is good enough for me with a way to slightly blur the background. Thanks