Can a MacBook Pro charge an iPad USBC to USBC?

Of all my cables and adapters and whatnot, the one I left home on my trip to the U.S. was a USBC-to-USBC cable.

I’m wondering, though, if I got one could I use my MBP M1 14-inch (2021) to charge my iPad Pro 11-inch 2021? Both have USB-C ports.

I asked Apple support and they said it can. I could have simplified my cables mess for my trip if I knew that beforehand. And left the iPad charger behind.

The guest room I’m staying at doesn’t have enough regular outlets is the main thing.

I think my iPad came with a double-sided USB-C cable, but I can’t find it now.

Anyway, I may pick up one at a local shop. They are probably not expensive.

Indeed. It’s surprising how inexpensive this stuff has become.

This braided 100 W charging cable also supports 40 Gbps data for USB4. It’s only 4 ft, but at $5… pfft. :rofl:

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I could swear I had a USB-C to USB-C cable somewhere. But according to my partner, I did not leave it at home. And I don’t have it with me.

Wasn’t there a device that it came with, like the iPad Pro 11-inch M1 2021?

I realized that by charging stuff off of my MBP, if I have the right cables and connectors, I could leave all this home next time I travel:

  • My iPad pro charging adapter.
  • My Apple Watch wireless charger.
  • My iPhone wireless charger.
  • A lot of wall socket to USB adapters.
  • A lot of excess USB to Lightning cable.


I’ve reduced my need for this stuff as well…I have an Anker 757 high output charger and a little plug adapter thing with male plugs for pretty much anyplace, 4 USB ports (A and C) and a pass through for a regular US plug so I can plug the Anker into it. Then I need just our watch cables but not the adapter, C to Lightning for iPhones and camera connections to charge Nikon batteries, C to C for iPad Airs, and the C to MagSafe to charge my M1 14 MBP…although TBH the C to C for the iPads would work just as well except for not having MagSafe. I carry enough cables to charge the MBP and 2 of everything else (as the IT guy I’m responsible for making sure my wife’s things get charged as well) and I normally carry one extra C to C and C to Lightning as well…along with 2 Samsung T7s and the short C to C cables that comes with them.

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I stopped by Best Buy today and the options were limited. The least expensive USB-C to USB-C was $9 (compared to the Apple one selling for $19).

I might go ahead and order the one you mention just to have it. It’s just that I could swear I had one that came with, I think, my iPad Pro M1 11-inch 2021. Maybe I’m not remembering correctly?

I am such an idiot. I blame this on jet-lag. Of course I had a USB-C to USB-C cable; that’s what came with the iPad Pro M1 11-inch 2021 so I could connect it to the included charger! Going to sleep now. :)

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Loved that teeny comment there Neil regarding wife, I know exactly what you mean!!