Calendar Time Zone

OK…color me confuzzled.

Running a 2015 rMBP with up to date Mojave. Currently in Colorado so I’m set to Mountain Time Zone manually. I created an appointment that is in Pacific Time Zone, Calendar has Time Zone Support enabled. However…on the calendar the event shows as 1145 EDT…it’s actually at 0845 PDT so it’s technically right I suppose. However…why does it show EDT and not say 0845 PDT or at the very worst 0945 MDT since that’s where I’m currently sitting?

Looked through the Calendar preferences and didn’t see anything to fix it. Since we live in the RV full time and have intermittent connectivity we always set manual time zone. We do spend 6 months a year in FL which is eastern time so maybe that has something to do with it.


Assuming that you use macOS’s own Calendar app, double-check that the selection in the time zone menu in the main window’s top right corner is correct (see screenshot).

This setting determines, which time zone Calendar uses to display all(!) events.

It was set to Eastern…but changing it to Mountain didn’t change the event. In the Month view…it still shows as EDT, double clicking the event to open it shows the correct Pacific time. The displayed EDT in the Month view does convert to the proper Pacific event time…so it’s just the Month view display that’s in error.

I did not know that; I thought I could force an event to have a time in a different time zone (which seems to be what the OP is trying to do). However, I just created an event and set the time of the event to PDT, and sure enough, the event is displayed in the Month view using the time zone selected, as you stated.

There are three things that might be worth mentioning.

  • If I double-click on that just-created event, the little dialog box does show the time in PDT and includes an indication of such.

  • Events that were set for a time zone other than what is selected by the method you showed in the screenshot are shown with an indicator of the currently selected time zone (except as noted in the next bullet item). For example, in Month view, that event that I just described (set for PDT) will show EDT following the start time if I choose Eastern Time in the time zone menu of the Month View window.

  • I have some events with a “Floating” time zone; the times of those events do not change when I change the time zone (as one would expect) and they do not give an indication of the time zone for which they were set (also as one would expect).

Exactly. If you have time zone support turned on…then you can schedule an appointment for a time zone different from the one you’re in…which comes in handy as we move about the country in our RV.

That part is working wonderfully…it’s just an apparent display issue for me.

I scheduled (while sitting in Mountain Time) an event for 0845 PDT. I thought that the monthly display would then show me the event with whatever time 0845 PDT was as changed to the time zone I was currently in. However…in this view…when I asked the question the other day…the event showed up as 1145EDT instead of 0945 MDT where I was actually located.

One other answer suggested to check the time zone as shown in the upper right of the monthly view. I checked…this was set to Eastern Time…so I changed it to Mountain, refreshed the calendar, exited, and relaunched Calendar…still showed up as 1145 EDT.

I just looked again after Calendar had been quit since yesterday…and it now says Mountain in the upper right and the event shows up as 0945 MDT…which was what I expected it would do originally.

So it must be some sort of sync thing that even though I had changed to Mountain and relaunched Calendar that caused the issue.

So…never mind I guess…it fixed itself.

Thanks for the discussion…although I’m still curious why it fixed itself today and not yesterday.