Caldigit TS3 plus & Apple SuperDrive & MBP M1


Anybody got the Apple SuperDrive working with their MBP M1 and the Caldigit TS3 plus using the USB ports on the back?

I’ve installed the Caldigit drivers (don’t really like having to lower the security protection for that, but ok), but the SuperDrive doesn’t accept any CDs. When I attach it directly to the MPB M1 it works …

Any ideas?

Make sure the usb port is both power & data transfer

On a late 2014 Mac mini the Apple Superdrive doesn’t work when plugged in a powered USB-hub (with enough power for the drive on each port). Works when connected to a USB port on the mini. Apple tests AFAIK (for some reason) if the drive is directly connected to the computer.

If you find a solution let us know.

It used to work with the intel MBP.

Yep, made sure of that. Before installing the Caldigit driver macOS would ask me to attach the SuperDrive to a powered USB port, after the installation it no longer moans, but doesn’t really play game with the SuperDrive either.

The SuperDrive is a fairly old device and it uses a non-standard mechanism to request more than the 500mA maximum allowed by USB 2.0. As far as I know, this mechanism is not supported by any third-party device.

USB 3.0 can supply more power (up to 900 mA), but only to USB 3 devices that request it. The SuperDrive definitely does not support the USB PowerDelivery spec or anything similar.

I’m afraid you’re going to have to connect a SuperDrive directly to your Mac (I don’t know if a USB C-to-A adapter will work) or switch to a different optical drive that can be powered by your hub (or via an external power supply).

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My SuperDrive whined and refused to work whenever it was not connected directly to the Mac (for several vintages). It’s been so long since I’ve used it (until this month, curiously) that I don’t recall if I tried it with a powered hub, but this behavior makes sense based on @Shamino’s explanation. It was especially frustrating when I wanted to use it with a MacBook (with only one port), because the MacBook needed to power the SuperDrive from its battery.

I just connected the SuperDrive to an M1 MacBook Air using the C-to-A adapter, and it worked for reading a music CD.