Bypass a web redirect

My best guess is you can’t… it is it possible to bypass a page redirect that a server does internally?

Trying to list a vehicle on…and the main sell my vehicle page won’t accept the VIN as valid…probably because it’s technically a commercial VIN even though it’s not used as a commercial vehicle. I asked their support the other day and they sent me a different url…tried it on my iPad Friday and that page accepted the VIN…but didn’t finish the ad that day. Tried again today on iPad and Mac and pasted the good url into Safari and Firefox…and it redirects to the main sales page that doesn’t like the VIN.

I sent another email to them asking what the heck…but in the interim wanted to make sure there’s no “don’t redirect this” trick that I don’t know.


This Wikihow web page has info:

It seems genuine but be cautious as I have not encountered this advice before. Also it refers to clicking links whereas you need to disable a redirect built into the page’s HTML.

Thanks Michael…tried that with no success…it’s very strange that it worked fine to get to the correct page on Friday on my iPad but not later on. The basic problem is the the main sell your car page has some sort of filter on the VIN (although I also tried the tag number and state as well) that prevents the commercial VIN from registering and the not available any more page accepts the VIN and would let me proceed if I could ever get back to it.

Can you set the page type as iPad using the Web Inspector in Safari’s Debug mode?