Buying iTunes songs after subscribing to Apple Music

Just got my AirPods Pro earpieces replaced under warranty (one side was buzzing) and now that Apple sees I have “new” AirPods they want to offer me 6 months of Apple Music free. I am considering it, but I do like to buy music as well as import it. I always burn a CD of songs for Valentines Day and I suspect I will not be able to burn CD’s with Apple Music songs.

So to anyone who currently has Apple Music, is there still a pop up menu that lets you Find this in the iTunes Store when you select a song? Can I still buy a song or album easily or is it a major pain to try to move between streaming and buying?


Yes, on a Mac. When you tap the ellipsis (…) associated with a song, you can tap ‘Show in iTunes’ which brings up the iTunes window for the album associated with the song, allowing you to purchase the whole album or individual songs on it.

I don’t see a similar option in the IOS version of Apple Music.

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And I assume the Burn CD menu option does not change after starting Apple Music

You can burn songs you’ve bought or imported. You can’t burn songs for which you only have streaming access.

There’s still an iTunes [edit: ITunes Store] app on iOS. Interestingly not integrated in that way with the Music app, but that’s where you’d purchase music (or movies/tv shows.)

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That’s interesting, I think I’d prefer to buy than ‘rent’.

One of my pet hates with Apple Music is it defaults to streams. If I ask Siri to “play the FooFighters” it will play a random track list from Apple Music rather than the FF playlists I’ve created or purchased.

I’m in the exact same boat (buzzing right ear AirPods Pro replaced yielded 6 months of Apple Music for free), and I have a related question.

On my iOS device that I use to sync my own MP3 library, will toggling the setting Music / Sync Library mess up my playlists in the event that I don’t continue to subscribe to Apple Music after the 6 months?
(iOS 16.x)

You have to be very specific

Play my [playlist name] playlist

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Yes, it just annoys me if I don’t specifically ask it assumes I want a random streamed selection rather than my carefully curated local playlist. Prior to subscribing to Apple Music this wasn’t an issue - it seems I’ve paid for an annoyance :)