BusyContacts 1.4.3

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Improves background sync speed when used with multiple accounts and makes other minor enhancements. ($49.99 new, free update, 12.6 MB)

BusyContacts is my go-to app for contacts management. Just fired up Apple’s Contacts app to remember what it looked like and it’s spartan, to say the very least.
Too bad Apple killed the mail link that would allow you to see all mail associated with a contact though.

Mine made me Allow permission and then I could see a screenful of headers of emails at a time and can click to open them. Was it different in past versions?

@ Ray Kloss
I have Version 1.4.3 (140314), the latest I can get for Catalina. The mail pane is definitively gone here. Which version do you have?

Version 1.4.3 (140314)

and Running Mac Mail on 10.14.6 system