BusyCal 2022.1.1 and BusyContacts 1.6.4

Originally published at: BusyCal 2022.1.1 and BusyContacts 1.6.4 - TidBITS

Brings improvements and bug fixes to the calendar and contacts apps from BusyMac. ($49.99 new for each, free updates, various sizes, macOS 10.12+)

This has been my favorite calendar app for years. Why doesn’t everyone else like it, too? I think it better than other supposedly fantastic apps, but the BusyCal dudes never get any love.

Often wondered that myself. I’ve used it for work and personal since it first came out many years ago. One must have feature for me that iCal and some others didn’t/don’t have is the ability to carry forward uncompleted tasks, which I came to really depend on for my work. Syncs with iCloud and its iOS version fine, never had a problem that wasn’t my own doing.

Glad you’re enjoying it, Laurence!

BCal & BCon got lots of love from me until some stuff got broken a couple of iterations back and I went back to Apple. I just downloaded the new trial version & (after navigating app-specific passwords and mail plug-ins) all is well and I will re-up! Thanks for the reminder.