Bruji software dead?

I bought their Bookpedia, CDpedia, DVDpedia, and Pocketpedia software this past July but have run into a snag. Unfortunately attempts to contact them have failed and their website is gone so it looks like they may be out of business. However, their software for iOS & MacOS are still on the App Store & Mac App Store respectively.

If Bruji is dead, then I need replacement software for the above titles; the first three are for MacOS and last one is for iOS.

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I don’t have advice, but I will be curious to learn about … their site is not only gone, per se,
but apparently their site suspended by their hosting service

Maybe they just forgot to pay for hosting and have now paid, or their automatic payment method expired and they’ve now updated it, because the website works as far as I can tell:

Yep, I just tried it and was able to connect from the software. Being able to connect to the site also eliminated the snag I’d run into.

Hey folks,

I communicated with Conor at Bruji and the problem was that his outgoing mail server got hacked, so everything got pulled for safety’s sake. He’s getting the backup restored from his hosting company, at which point things should work again. NOT out of business, just a victim of bad bots.


My wife has used Bruji Bookpedia to keep track of our books. We are very happy with it and want to recommend it!