Bosse noise cancelling headphones

I need to replace my noise cancelling headphones. Wirecutter recommends Bose 700 series. I’ve read some reviews suggesting problems with setting up bluetooth with them.
Any advice from this community? I’ve used Bose’s wired headphones happily on flights for years.

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Had no issues with the 700’s and my Apple kit :)

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I’ve had my 700’s for about a year with no issues, Bluetooth or otherwise, whatsoever.

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Thanks to both of you. I very much appreciate having opinions from real people.

I find the audio quality to be excellent with my Bose 700 headphones, and I routinely get ten or more hours on a full charge. Unfortunately, I do find Bluetooth connectivity to be an issue.

I’d guess that around 25% of the time I need multiple attempts to connect them to my Mac before succeeding, often requiring power cycling the headphones, the Mac, or both. When that happens, it can be extremely frustrating. To be fair to Bose, I’ve had similar experiences with other types of Bluetooth earbuds and headphones.

Once the Bose headphones connect, they are delightful. They are very comfortable, the sound fidelity is superior to my AirPods Pro, and, once a connection is made, it is very stable.

The Bose 700 headphones do ship with a separate audio cable, so if you are having Bluetooth troubles or the batteries are drained, you can still use the headphones.

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Anybody got the AirPods Max? Thoughts?