Bluetooth range extender?

Wondering if anyone has experience using a Bluetooth range extender? I see products similar to this one on Amazon.

My use case: Late 2013 27" iMac running Catalina as a media server. It successfully connects to a number of Bluetooth devices around the house, but I have a pair of Bluetooth speakers mounted on my patio that are just out of reach of the iMac. Once in a blue moon they will show up on the iMac, but 99% of the time, no. Anyone else use something like this to extend the Bluetooth range of a Mac?

An Amazon search will find pages of these specifically designed for audio. if your speakers can receive BlueTooth then just placing these just inside should work fine. The reviews indicate some variability in quality, among brands, so try to match your situation if you can. Some are only for Windows. I was looking to extend AtrDrop and none of the audio devices do that. Hope this is some help.