Blocking software for iPhone spam calls

I’m plagued by scam phone calls, which I have traced numbers back to a VOIP reseller (Iristel).
They claim they can do nothing about it, they just sell blocks of number, end of story.
I use pay as you go service, so every time I get one of these calls it costs me.
I immediately block them, but they still go to voicemail if they call again.

I’ve been looking high and low for blocking software with very specific use…block everything.
Lots out there, but they send to voicemail etc…not what I want.

So my question

Does anybody make an iPhone app that (simple and straight forward)

  1. Can block any area code that you assign and stop that call dead in its tracks…no going to voicemail (make my number appear to be unassigned??)
  2. Will only allow a blocked area code through if you have someone in your contacts (white listed).

Is there some technical reason this kind software could not be written??

Any answers/help would be appreciated

Robokiller is what I use. I don’t think it can block entire area codes, but it’s good at blocking what it thinks is spam and you can train it. It shares numbers its users train with other users, so you benefit from that. It also will record calls it thinks might be spam before voice mail picks it up, but that means it’s still answering the call. It’s $20/year. I’m not sure it’s the answer you’re looking for, but here is a link:

If you’re a Verizon or Spectrum customer, you can get Nomorobo for free. The other mobile suppliers might also offer the same or other blocking software. If not, Nomorobo works pretty well and should be worth the money.

A recently passed US law should be of help when it goes into effect:

No not what I want…Basically I want a gatekeeper that when a call comes in from a (user defined) blocked area code the call is stopped dead in its tracks and is rejected…a bonus would be to tell the other end (caller) that this number does not exist…unassigned.
The exception to the rule would be if that blocked area code is associated with a number in my contacts it would go through (whitelist). All other software (and I’ve looked at lots) allows calls through to voicemail…my question always have been why ??

In in CANADA Nomorobo does not apply to my situation

I wonder if your carrier could provide at least the area-code blocking part of this. I’m not aware of any iPhone app that will do what you want because the call would have to come through to be recognized and blocked.

I know it’s possible as I’ve read that others have done exactly that, but I don’t have any idea how it was done and whether the user was using a mobile, VOIP or copper wire phone or possibly a separate box capable of area code blocking.

This is what I use

and it doesn’t have that capability.

Can you just set the phone to allow calls to your contacts only? That would effectively block all other calls - but I suppose they may still end up in VM?

I looked to see if Hiya could block based on an area code. The first thing I read said it could not as it would go against Apple policy, but it seem their FAQ says you can with the premium version. May be worth looking in to.


Upon signing up for Hiya, you agree to share your contacts, but we keep all contact data private and don’t sell it to third parties or use it to market to your contacts. Because we’re not awful human beings. More information can be found here.

Sharing contacts?? show stopper

How is a screening service supposed to allow calls from your contacts if you aren’t willing to share your list of contacts with the service?

It sounds like Hiya even works entirely on your phone–requesting access to your contacts but not sending your contacts to a central server–and functions without contact sharing (but without the associated features).


This is a shotgun approach but it works for me:

  1. Buy a MagicJack and set it up with local phone number. You may now disconnect the MJ device as you won’t need it any more.
  2. Log into your MJ account and set up “call screening”. This makes every caller have to enter a randomly defined number from 0-9. If they’re a robo-caller, the number won’t be entered and MJ hangs up.
  3. Set your phone to use “conditional forwarding” so that any calls you don’t answer go to the MJ which, as it’s not plugged in anywhere, will just send the call to the call screening and then, should someone successfully enter the correct number, they’ll be sent to your MJ voicemail which you may configure so that the voiceMail gets attached to an eMail and sent to you (and ends up in your phone because you use eMail there, right?).

Any caller who you recognize (a contact or your doctor’s office, for example) you’d answer immediately, of course. Anyone you don’t recognize goes to the MJ for call screening and (if passing the screening process) to your voiceMail which gets eMailed to you. Cold-calling salespeople will get past the call screening but will probably not leave a voice message.

Cost: About $40 to buy an MJ unit (which includes the first year’s service). About $42/yr thereafter. I’ve been using this setup for over a year now and it works perfectly. If I’m on a call I don’t wish to interrupt, conditional forwarding sends that call to the MJ. BTW, the eMail that MJ sends you not only has the voiceMail (audio file) attached but even provides the number that called you.

I realize this may not work for everyone but, for the cost, it works perfectly and I never use the “visual voicemail” provided by my cellphone carrier as every caller I decline or miss has the opportunity to get through call screening and leave a voice message.

One “issue” that’s easy to work around, however: Some iPhones (can’t say which models) send a tone that’s too short for the call screening to notice so I tell my clients, friends, family to hold the key for a second. Problem solved.

Do note that this solution can’t be used for every call. Why? There are some call-back services (from your doctor or some tech-support services) that are actually robo-calls and can’t pass through the call screening. You need to be aware of these and answer your cellphone before conditional forwarding kicks in and forwards the call to the MJ service.

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That’s what I do. My VM message explains it to a caller who cares to leave a message. I do have to remember to add businesses to my contacts list so they can call me.

But basically, my phone doesn’t ring if you aren’t in my Contacts.Once in a while I get a 2 second VM, but all in all, I don’t get bugged.