Bitdefender Traffic Light

I recently installed Bitdefender. It found a trojan on my external drive. Great! There is an extension called Traffic Light. Please give me your thoughts on whether I should install Traffic light in my browsers.

I used it in Safari up until the time it was no longer compatible. I see the v2 is now compatible again, so I might start using it. Still have it installed in Firefox and Chrome based browsers, but disabled at the moment for testing of a different blocking method.

When I was using it, the built-in Google Safe Browsing option would catch almost all of the same bad websites, but once in a while it would stop me from going somewhere I had to go and I would have to override it.

I don’t think there is any reason not to use it, if you want to. Apple doesn’t show it as slowing your browsing but it will be able to read all your webpage content and history, if that’s a concern.


Thanks Al. I really value your opinion. I assume I have the latest version since I just bought Bitdefender.