Better than the Printed Page: Reading on an iPad

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The iPad is a great tool for reading electronic books, but its default settings and apps are unlikely to be ideal for your eyes. Charles Maurer draws from research into vision and perception to suggest how to tweak your iPad’s display to be more legible.

Are there any other suggestions for good ePub readers? I downloaded and tried MapleRead, but I’m really turned off by it. On my iPhone 6S, it’s very buggy. The thing I really care about are my notes and highlights. I want those preserved in a way that I can get at them easily.

I find iBooks by far the best ebook reader. It’s the reason that I convert all of my Kindle book purchases to ePub. I don’t highlight much, but I don’t think I’ve ever lost one.

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This is a question for Charles Maurer (if you are still tracking comments on your excellent article after all this time). Why don’t you use Mapleread for PDFs?