Best Browser for Multiple Bookmarks

I like to read dozens of comic strips every day. I bookmarked all my favorites and put them in a “Comics” folder mounted on the Chrome toolbar where I could command-click to open them all at once, and then hit command-W after reading each one.

A few years ago Chrome started to slow down so I switched to Safari. When that began to refuse to mount them all without rebooting the iMac, I switched to Firefox for this one job. Works like a charm.

So if you have a bunch of tabs you want to open at once, give Firefox a try,

Have been doing that without a hitch in Safari since God knows when. On all kinds of different Macs and macOS versions.

Right click on any folder in your tab will give you the option ‘Automatically Replace Tabs’. Or just select "Open in New Tabs’ if it’s a one off.

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I’ve been doing this with Firefox for a very long time.

I use Google Bookmarks to organize all my bookmarks. I have a “Comics” label for all of the comic strips I read.

I use the hccbe Google Bookmarks Extension to create a bookmarks folder tree from my Google Bookmarks (organized as a folder for each label).

When I go read comics in the morning, I middle-click on the “Comics” folder created by the extension, causing it to open each bookmark in a separate tab.

I have 56 tabs open. At that level Safari chokes, freezes, spins the wheel, doesn’t open to the correct page or doesn’t open one at all. For me Firefox wins hands down.

I’m running Big Sur 1.11 on an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) with 8 GB of RAM.

I think different browsers handle open tabs in memory in different ways.

You’re of course free to prefer FF, especially if you see it deliver better low memory management.

I would point out though that 8 GB of RAM on a modern Mac is not adequate IMHO. Especially not when your workflow involves 50+ browser tabs open at a time. 2x 16GB of quality RAM for your iMac is $116 shipped. Installing it is a cinch. :slight_smile:

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