Best book for photography on iPhone 12 Pro

Hello. Any recommendations on a resource or book to get the most with the camera on an iPhone 12 Pro? I realized there are so many iBooks that I realize I would appreciate input from you. Thank you.

@jeffc, any thoughts here?

There is a lot of good “how to” information on the Apple website, as well as tutorials Apple posted on You Tube. When the pandemic is over, Apple Stores give a number of photography classes. In addition to the basics, they offer “Today At Apple” classes on photography and video. Depending on location, they also have nature “how to” photo walks, sessions on portrait photography, etc. I just checked, and they are now doing “Today At Apple At Home:”

Though the events are limited, they should be a good way to get started. Here’s just one example of what’s on YouTube:

There’s so much good free stuff out there, you might not need a book.

I second @MMTalker’s recommendation. Also, Scott Kelby has a book coming out any time now, though I don’t know if it will contain iPhone 12 specific stuff, given the lag between publishing and distribution. His guides are pretty good.