Berkeley font stopped printing

I have used the ITC Berkeley font for years. Suddenly (probably after I upgraded the system to Catalina) it no longer prints. It shows up correctly on-screen, but all programs I’ve tried substitute some sort of generic sans-serif font, likely Helvetica when I print. Does anyone here know anything about this?

Though my Mac is so ancient I haven’t been able to upgrade the OS for years, I have been read about font problems with Catalina. But here are some things to think about that are not Catalina related:

In Font Book or any other type manager you might be using, try validating the font. Good fonts sometimes turn bad.

If it is a PostScript font, the screen font could be fine and the print font messed up. Try reinstalling it. Deleting and reinstalling from scratch might do the trick even if it’s not PS. If this is a problem with printing the font in different apps, deleting and reinstalling should solve this too.

Clean your font caches. It’s a good idea to do this every few years anyway.

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