Bartender 5 and Sonoma problems

It seems that due to a Apple OS Bug Bartender 5 and Sonoma don’t work together if you enable zoom.
Bartender support confirms this.
I use zoom capability (command + to enlarge f. e.) all the time so I have to accept all my menu items and disable bartender or accept those Bartender shows (excluding 1 password in my case)
Bummer. Bartender is a cool app

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I have Bartender and I use zoom via trackpad (control + two fingers on trackpad to zoom in/out) all the time. I used this on Sonoma and didn’t notice any issues (though I wasn’t trying to access menu items at the time).

@Marc Z are ou using Bartender 5 and Sonoma?

Oops, sorry about that. Apparently I am not.

I use Bartender on all my machines, but I only have one I recently upgraded to Sonoma and I guess it uninstalled on that machine due incompatibility and I hadn’t noticed. Since that’s my travel Mac with minimal software, Bartender isn’t as crucial as my main Mac which has a mile of menubar items. If I can’t run Bartender on that Mac, that’s a huge no on upgrading to Sonoma!

I was just thinking that there are different types of zoom in Settings: are they all incompatible with Bartender? Like why would Bartender care if I zoomed in on the bottom of my screen (not on menus)?

Ah, look at that. You’re right. What works for me is to hit the Bartender icon and then zoom - or, of course, zoom back out to normal, hit the icon, zoom back in.

For me I just don’t hit the menu bar icons when I zoom in. I’m generally trying to read something that is a bit too small, zoom into a photo or video, etc.

I’m running Sonoma 14.4 Beta and Bartender 5.0.52. I don’t seem to have any issues. Maybe Apple fixed something?

I don’t have an issue with Bartender 5 and 14.3.1. I can zoom in on a webpage with cmd-+ and Bartender still reveals and hides menubar items as expected.

Zooming on a webpage or individual window is fine. This is when you zoom in on the entire display with Control-Scroll (on my trackpad, a two-finger scroll up; with a mouse with a mouse wheel, it’s likely with the wheel while holding control.)